Integral Review

A Transdisciplinary and Transcultural Journal For New Thought, Research, and Praxis

Issue 1 Jun 2005

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Editorial Integral Foundations
Reinhard Fuhr and Jonathan Reams


Integral Review and Its Editors
Sara Ross, Reinhard Fuhr, Michel Bauwens, Thomas Jordan, Jonathan Reams, and Russ Volckmann
Jean Gebser: Das Integrale Bewusstsein
Kai Hellbusch
English Summary: Jean Gebser: The Integral Consciousness.
Kai Hellbusch
Complexity Intelligence and Cultural Coaching: Navigating the Gap Between Our Societal Challenges and Our Capacities
Jan Inglis and Margaret Steele
The Development of Dialectical Thinking As An Approach to Integration
Michael Basseches
Toward An Integral Process Theory Of Human Dynamics: Dancing The Universal Tango
Sara Ross
Timely and Transforming Leadership Inquiry and Action: Toward Triple-loop Awareness
Anne Starr and Bill Torbert
Good, Clever and Wise: A study of political meaning-making among integral change agents
Thomas Jordan in an Interview with Russ Volckmann
What’s Integral about Leadership? A Reflection on Leadership and Integral Theory
Jonathan Reams
Ein Integraler Gestalt-Ansatz fuer Therapie und Beratung
Reinhard Fuhr and Martina Gremmler-Fuhr
English Summary: An Integral Gestalt Approach for Psychotherapy and Counseling
Reinhard Fuhr and Martina Gremmler-Fuhr

Book Reviews

Laszlo, E. (2004). Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything. Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions International

Ferrer, J. N. (2002). Revisioning Transpersonal Theory. A Participatory Vision of Human Spirituality Albany, NY: State University of New York Press

Frick, D. (2004). Robert K. Greenleaf. A Life of Servant Leadership. San Francisco: Berrett Koehler

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