Integral Review

A Transdisciplinary and Transcultural Journal For New Thought, Research, and Praxis

Vol. 11 No. 3 Sep 2015

Special Issue:
European Academic Trends and Contributions to Integral Studies

Special Issue Editors: Marc G. Lucas and Matthew Rich-Tolsma

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Editors’ Introduction to the Special Issue
Marc G. Lucas and Matthew Rich-Tolsma
Re-viewing Self and Societal Development from a Postformal Perspective: An Artistic De-concealiation, Reconciliation and Trans-formation
Marc G. Lucas
The Generality of Adult Development Stages and Transformations: Comparing Meaning-making and Logical Reasoning
Tom Hagström and Kristian Stålne
Laske’s Dialectical Thought Form Framework (DTF) as a Tool for Creating Integral Collaborations: Applying Bhaskar’s Four Moments of Dialectic to Reshaping Cognitive Development as a Social Practice
Otto Laske
Strategy as Emergence: Reviewing the Practice Turn in Social, Organizational and Leadership Studies from an Integral Perspective
Elke Fein
‘Inter-Bridging’ Bridges and Bridging as Metaphors for ‘syn-integrality’ in Organization Studies and Practice
Wendelin Küpers, Jürgen Deeg, Mark Edwards
Collaborative Learning Processes in Teacher Training: Benefits and Costs
Ellen Aschermann and Jennifer Klenzan
The Yalla Program – Integral Framed Support for Young Leaders from Egypt and Germany
Adrian Wagner
Transformative Learning for Climate Change Engagement: Regenerating Perspectives, Principles, and Practice
Gary P. Hampson & Matthew Rich-Tolsma

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