Integral Review

A Transdisciplinary and Transcultural Journal For New Thought, Research, and Praxis

Vol. 9 No. 3 Sep 2013

Special Issue
CIIS – Integral Consciousness: From Cosmology to Ecology

CIIS Special Issue Editor: Bahman Shirazi

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Bahman Shiraz
Integrating Meditation into Higher Education:
The Founding Mission of CIIS as an Education for the Whole Person
Joseph Subbiondo
The Quest for Integral Ecology
Sam Mickey, Adam Robbert, Laura Reddick
Toward an Integral Ecopsychology:
In Service of Earth, Psyche, and Spirit
Adrian Villasenor-Galarza
Integral Ecofeminism: An Introduction
Chandra Alexandre
Loving Water: In Service of a New Water Ethic
Elizabeth McAnally
An Integral Perspective on Current Economic Challenges: Making Sense of Market Crashes
Pravir Malik
The Path of Initiation: The Integration of Psychological and Spiritual Development in Western Esoteric Thought
Gary Raucher
A New Creation on Earth: Death and Transformation in the Yoga of Mother Mirra Alfassa
Stephen Lerner Julich
Traditional Roots of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga
Debashish Banerji
The Metaphysical Instincts & Spiritual Bypassing in Integral Psychology
Bahman A.K. Shirazi

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