Integral Review

A Transdisciplinary and Transcultural Journal For New Thought, Research, and Praxis

Vol. 17 No. 1 December 2021

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Jonathan Reams

Peer Reviewed

COVID-19 Lockdown Policies: An Interdisciplinary Review
Oliver Robinson
A Relational Approach to Moral Development in Societies, Organizations and Individuals
Michael F. Mascolo, Allison DiBianca Fasoli, David Greenway
A Systematic Review of HeartMath© Interventions to Improve Psychological Outcomes in Individuals with Psychiatric Conditions
Dr Lucy Field, Dr Mark Forshaw, Dr Helen Poole
Cultivating Developmental Reflexivity: ART of Relational Inquiry Methodology for Self and Community Transformation
Hilary Bradbury and Lara Catone

Editorially Reviewed

The Many Faces of JEDI: A Developmental Exploration
Aftab Erfan
Response to Erfan
Amiel Handelsman
A Promethean Mission: An Update on the Prometheus Leadership Framework
Thomas Bohinc
Psychosynthesis and the Alexander Technique
Marilyn Monk
Relations Between Cognitive Development and Spiritual Practice (Yoga)
Huw Lloyd
Transmodernity: Enrique Dussel at Research Across Boundaries
Enrique Dussel

Book Reviews

Review of Integral investing: From profit to prosperity
Roland Slot & Sveinn Hrobjartsson
Review of Development of adult thinking: Interdisciplinary perspectives on cognitive development and adult learning
Heikki Jyväsjärvi

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