Integral Review

A Transdisciplinary and Transcultural Journal For New Thought, Research, and Praxis

Vol. 18 No. 1 September 2023

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Jonathan Reams

Peer Reviewed

Opening Doors to a Quantum Theory of Life, Part 1: Properties of Life at the Quantum Level
Doug Marman
Opening Doors to a Quantum Theory of Life, Part 2: Top-Down Causation
Doug Marman
Hyper Smart Developmentally Based Stacked Neural Networks and Evidence that Allows for True Androids that Pass the Turing Test
Sofia R. S. Leite and Michael Lamport Commons
Using a Micro-Developmental Lens to Assess Dynamics of Scaffolding in a Facilitated Group Process
Pia Andersson
The Historical and Ideological Roots of US Voter Exclusion: An Integral Examination of the Myth of US Democracy
Walter E. Davis
Psyche’s Score: Music of the Integral Psychodynamic Sphere and Its Orbits
Willow Pearson Trimbach
Produce to Protect: The Real Reason Why Change Initiatives Fail
Anne Rød
Domains Theory and the Rawlsian Social Contract View of the Impermissibility of Sexual Harassment: The Case of Sexual Harassment by Harvey Weinstein
Albert Erdynast

Special Section on STAGES Validation Critique and Responses

An Examination of the STAGES Scoring System
Kristian Merckoll
A Response to “An Examination of the STAGES Scoring System”
Tom Murray
Final Comments on the STAGES Validation Claim
Kristian Merckoll

Editorially Reviewed

Deepening Our Understanding of Developmental Assessments Use in Developing Leaders’ Capacity for Complexity
Jonathan Reams
A Brief Response to ‘Deepening Our Understanding of Developmental Assessments Use in Developing Leaders’ Capacity for Complexity’
Aiden M. A. Thornton
Digital Orientation for Life Choices: Introducing StoryMatcher
Rainer von Leoprechting
A Framework to Help Make Leading Clear
Tom Bohinc
Being Professional Together – Collective Quiet Resolve: Integral Ethics as Ethos-Making
Ian Wight and Ross Mitchell
Concerning the Ethics of Justice, Care, and Personal Responsibility as a Framework for Criteria Selection in Transplant Recipients
La Shun L. Carroll
The Integral Cosmology of Sri Aurobindo: An Introduction from the Perspective of Consciousness Studies
Marco Masi
Towards Integral Man: Key Indices and Processes of Development in Gurdjieff’s “Man Number Five”
Huw Llyod
The Concepts of Minimum and Maximum in Picasso’s Art
Albert Erdynast
Reflections upon Reading Elke Fein’s and Coauthors’ Book Foundations, Principles and Inspirational Resources of Integral Politics
Thomas Jordan

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