Integral Review

A Transdisciplinary and Transcultural Journal For New Thought, Research, and Praxis

General guidelines

Works published in IR will be guided by several criteria listed below. In general, they will reflect some holistic understandings of issues in individual and social life, change, and development.
Previous issues of IR illustrate that there are many ways to reflect such understandings and qualities. Your participation in IR’s ongoing conversation about diverse approaches to new thought, research, and practice will contribute resources for addressing today’s complex challenges.

In this context, we describe key qualities that we are looking for in submissions.

  • They reflect or take into consideration multiple possible perspectives of understanding how humans perceive, organize, and experience reality. Along with this, they demonstrate some understanding of the evolutionary processes, layers, and patterns inherent in all life phenomena.
  • They demonstrate a sensibility for developmental and/or evolutionary dimensions throughout the lifespan of individuals, social units, organizations, and societies.
  • They are oriented toward facilitating translative as well as transformative development in various domains of life. Translative development refers to increasing capacity within a given set of competencies, views or attitudes. Transformative development refers to the evolution of a set of competencies, views or attitudes with a fundamentally greater capacity for handling complex situations.

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