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Ervin Laszlo

Laszlo has a PhD from the Sorbonne and is the recipient of four honorary PhD’s (from the United States, Canada, Finland, and Hungary). He received the Peace Prize of Japan, the Goi Award in Tokyo in 2002, and the International Mandir of Peace Prize in Assisi in 2005. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 and was re-nominated in 2005.


Formerly Professor of Philosophy, Systems Science, and Futures Studies in various universities in the US, Europe, and the Far East, Laszlo lectures worldwide. He presently lives in a four hundred year-old converted farmhouse in Tuscany with his Finnish-born wife Carita. His sons Christopher and Alexander, who live with their families in the United States, follow in his footsteps, the former in the sustainability and ethical management consulting field and the latter in the academic domain where he combines evolutionary theory with evolutionary community consulting.

Current positions
President, The Club of Budapest
Director, Ervin Laszlo Institute for Advanced Study (ELIAS)
Director, Laszlo New-Paradigm Leadership Center


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