Integral Review

A Transdisciplinary and Transcultural Journal For New Thought, Research, and Praxis

The Editorial Board

Integral Review has a wide range of merited scholars contributing to the issues by editing the academic contributions.

Rosemarie Anderson, Ph.D.
Institute of  Transpersonal Psychology
Wellknowing Consulting Services

Richard Couto, Ph.D.
James MacGregor Burns Academy (Senior Fellow)

Nancy Glock-Grueneich, Ed.D.

Olen Gunnlaugson, Ph.D.
Laval University

Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, Ph.D.

Gary P. Hampson, Ph.D.
Palacky University, Czech Republic

Nathan Harter, Ph.D.
Christopher Newport University

Carol Hoare, Ed.D.
George Washington University

Jan Inglis, Ph.D.

Eeva K. Kallio, Psy.D.
University of Jyväskylä and University of Tampere, Finland
Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER)

Marc G. Lucas, Ph.D.
University of Media, Communication and Economics (HMKW), Cologne, Germany

Wendelin Kupers, Ph.D.
School of Management, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand

Michael F. Mascolo, Ph.D.
Merrimack College

Richard McGuigan, Ph.D.
Professor at Antioch University Midwest

Alfonso Montuori, Ph.D.
California Institute of Integral Studies

Raymond Reyes, Ph.D.
Gonzaga University

Judy Stevens-Long, Ph.D.
Fielding Graduate University

Steven E. Wallis, Ph.D.
Director, Foundation for the Advancement of Social Theory
Fellow, Institute for Social Innovation, Fielding Graduate University

Gregory Wilpert, Ph.D.
Brooklyn College Graduate Center for Worker Education

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