Integral Review

A Transdisciplinary and Transcultural Journal For New Thought, Research, and Praxis

Vol. 16 No. 1 April 2020

Special Issue

Special Issue Editor: Tom Murray

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Introduction and Overview: Integral Review Special Issue on the STAGES Model
Tom Murray

Foundations of the STAGES Model: Theory, Application, and Research

States and STAGES: Waking up Developmentally
Terri O’Fallon
Summary of STAGES Validation Research
Tom Murray and Terri O’Fallon
Seven Perspectives on the STAGES Developmental Model
Kim Barta

Dissertations and Research Using the STAGES Model

Principles and Practices for Developmentally Aware Teaching and Mentoring in Higher Education
Abigail Lynam
The Scenic Route: A Developmental Approach Emphasizes the Importance of Human Interiority in Transformative Approaches to Climate Change
Gail Hochachka
Women’s Authentic Leadership Development
Natasha Mantler
Integrating Adult Developmental and Metacognitive Theory with Indo-Tibetan Contemplative Essence Psychology
John Churchill and Tom Murray
Leadership Coaching Leads to Later Stage Development
Antoinette J Braks
Finding Truth Within: Exploring the Importance of Reflective Practice in Deepening Self-Knowledge
Jason Miller
Hope Examined Through a Developmental Stage Perspective
Lisa Buckley

STAGES Model New Research

STAGES Child Research: Preliminary Report
Terri O’Fallon
Investigating the Validity of the Ogive Aggregation Method, Including the use of Rasch Analysis for the Sentence Completion Test and the STAGES Model
Tom Murray
The STAGES Specialty Inventories: Robustness to Variations in Sentence Stems
Terri O’Fallon and Tom Murray

Other uses of the STAGES Model

Integral Polarity Practice and the STAGES Developmental Model
Trish Nowland, John Kesler, and Thomas McConkie

Alternative Perspectives

Luhmann’s Life Work and Tier Patterns: The Analysis of Differences and Contingent Patterns
Roman Angerer
Methodological Principles for Future Enactions
Trisha Nowland
Deconstructing Developmental Constructs: A Conversation
Thomas Jordan and Tom Murray

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