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Manifest Transpersonal Experiences: Aṇimām and Laghimā Siddhis

Robert V. Burke

Abstract: This article recalls with vivid awareness the Alex Gray like vision of infinitely small pulsating structures within my own body, and of bodily sensations of levitation I recalled when I read in Michael Murphy’s Future of the Body the references to Haridas Chaudhuri’s unpublished Yogic Potentials or Siddhis in Hindu-Buddhist Parapsychology. Along with Murphy’s section of Extraordinary Somatic Awareness Mediated by Internal Clairvoyance, and within the framework of Ramamurti S. Mishra’s Textbook of Yoga Psychology that provides context for Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, one sees as Chaudhuri explicates, how aṇimām siddhi of infinitely small somatic perception, and how laghimā siddhi of levitation are manifested. This artcile provides the notions, context and details of how such yogic potentials operate as transpersonal experiences of the body, mind and psyche.

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