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The Dynamic Unity of the Opposites: Haridas Chaudhuri’s Integral Method and Higher Education

Joseph L. Subbiondo

Abstract: This article focuses on Haridas Chaudhuri’s methodological principle known as Integral Dialectics and its related principle of the dynamic unity of the opposites, as an essential aspect of his unique model of integral education. Integral Dialectics is a methodological principle which is informed by the integral ontological principle asserting that human psyche and cosmological principles on the whole are interrelated and interdependent, and that holistic knowledge of reality presupposes a holistic and integrated psyche. Integral dialectics is a process of reconciliation of what appears to the mind as polarized conceptual opposites and engaging the totality of human experience, the whole spectrum of human consciousness, and educating the whole person beyond the dualistic rational methods of Western education.

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The Founding Mission of CIIS as an Education for the Whole Person

Joseph L. Subbiondo

Abstract: This article discusses the introduction of meditation practice into higher education as part of an integral approach to education. A number of current authors are cited emphasizing the importance and relevance of mindfulness mediation in daily life. In addition, California Institute of Integral Studies founder Haridas Chaudhuri’s philosophy of meditation and its connection to action are explored.

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The Need for Interreligious Dialogue in Higher Education

Joseph L. Subbiondo

Abstract: This article highlights the current need for inclusion of courses on religion and spirituality, as well as interreligious dialogue in higher education through an examination of three interrelated dimensions: Interreligious dialogue, religious pluralism and religious literacy. Some initiatives in this direction at the California Institute of Integral Studies are discussed.

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CIIS and American Higher Education

Joseph L. Subbiondo

Abstract: In this article a brief history of the California Institute of Integral Studies and its predecessor institution, the American Academy of Asian Studies is discussed, and several key founding figures of both institutions are introduced. It is argued that the role these unique institutions of higher learning have played have been crucial, initially in the cultural life of San Francisco Bay Area and the social and cultural movements it inspired, and currently in the context of the role that an integral, whole-person oriented education plays in higher education.

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