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Finding Truth Within: Exploring the Importance of Reflective Practice in Deepening Self-Knowledge

Jason Miller

OhioHealth is the largest healthcare system within the Central Ohio region, with 29,000 associates providing care through over 200+ locations. It is also one of the most successful healthcare systems in the country in terms of profitability, quality of care rankings, and associate culture brand (OhioHealth, 2019). Healthcare as an industry is undergoing significant and rapid change with a paradigmatic shift from sick-care to preventive care for well-being (Goozner, 2019). This industry shift is demanding a new skill-set from OhioHealth leaders that is marked by the need to drive transformative change in the face of unprecedented uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity. A meta-competency that is critical for success in this context that we are building in our leadership development efforts is emotional intelligence (EQ).

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