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Leadership Coaching Leads to Later Stage Development

Antoinette Braks

This paper explores a multiple case study based on the effects of a developmentally informed, transformative leadership-coaching methodology. After an average of eight 90-min coaching meetings over 12 months with a Synergist executive coach, 83% of the 12 strategic executive leaders in the case study shifted a full stage, mostly from Achievist to Catalyst; the other 17% shifted two stages from Achievist to Synergist. The paper presents the eight drivers emerging from a thematic analysis of >100 hours of coaching conversations (>100,000 words) that enabled universal later stage development. It draws on the STAGES model to explain the significance of transforming the organisational context and undertaking shadow work. The dynamics of development led to an emergent Vertical Development Theory.

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Coaching Ethics and Immunity to Change: A Response to Kjellström

David Zeitler

Abstract: The Immunity to Change coaching process has risen in popularity since creators Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey published their second book using this method, Immunity to Change: How to Overcome it and Unlock the Potential for Yourself and Your Organization (2009). Sofia Kjellström (2009) recently published an article taking a critical perspective on the ethics of using ITC in educational and vocational contexts. I argue herein that when used properly, the ITC process avoids most of the criticisms that Kjellström brings to bear on this issue. Furthermore, it is argued that private life and public life (Freud’s “love and work”) are already inextricably intertwined, and methods like ITC give employers and employees the tools needed to navigate what are often highly charged issues, that we might increase our quality of life and increase our efficiency. Finally, the article summarizes the relationship between Subject/Object Theory and ITC, while also addressing the issue of developmental transformations in the coaching process.

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